Described as "hard dance-industrial with heavy guitars" and "infectious cyber-rock with a tinge of trip-hop", Deviant is an amalgamation of the synthetic and the organic. Allusive lyrics entrenched with deep emotive prominence bind with tragic melodies to form music that is both haunting and meaningful. Deviant is currently recording their new album, to be released in 2005. About the band: The meshing of rock guitar riffs, electronic melodies, and driving industrial drums were the initial factors behind the building of the alternative trio, Deviant. Formed in 2002 by vocalist/lyricist London Mourdyn, multi-talented musicians D' MacKinnon and Marcus "Daisho" Wilkerson, Deviant immediately garnered a local following in Denver after their first live performances and album release. Deviant successfully merged the modern sounds of electronic music with accessable songwriting and emotional lyrical content. Their first release, Absenta, received critical praise from the national underground scene, college radio, and club DJs. Tracks off have Absenta have also been featured in films such as Throttle and on several compilation albums. Deviant spent most of 2003 performing shows to support the release of Absenta. In 2004 the members focused their efforts on side projects, remixing and production work. Deviant returned to the recording studio in early 2005 to write a full length album to later be released this year. DEVIANT